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From: Bradley K. Sperman <bksperman@outlook.com>
Subject: Obama bottom Kevin Spacey accused of grabbing a man's crotch in a bar
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From: "Bradley K. Sperman" <bksperman@outlook.com>
Subject: Obama bottom Kevin Spacey accused of grabbing a mans crotch in a bar
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A second Kevin Spacey accuser has come forward claiming the 
actor groped him in a Los Angeles bar in 2003.

Tony Montana, who first spoke to Radar Online, told Fox News the 
"House of Cards" star approached him at Coronet Pub.

Montana said Spacey grabbed his crotch.

"People react differently to trauma," said Montana, who was then 
in his 30s. "With what happened to me was an immediate form of 
helplessness. The bar was my safe place. This person of out 
nowhere, who I know is famous, who is misbehaving and has a 
license to misbehave and this is happening to me.

"I was in a horror movie. No one could see it... I used to 
compete in mixed martial arts. [I] pulled his thumb back. He 
then followed me into the restroom and he followed me in. It was 
all very strange."

He told Radar Online Spacey, now 58, "was telling me to come 
with him, to leave the bar."

Montana claimed after Spacey put his hand on Montana's crotch 
the star said, "This designates ownership.