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Subject: Re: Weinstein fights dismissal, Weinstein co. pulls movie
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Subject: Re: Weinstein fights dismissal, Weinstein co. pulls movie
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On 11/2/2017 10:15 PM, anim8rfsk wrote:
> In article <otgm4o$197$>, Obveeus<>
> wrote:
>> On 11/1/2017 11:27 PM, Obveeus wrote:
>>> On 11/1/2017 11:15 PM, RichA wrote:
>>>> The Weinstein Company Pulls Horror Movie ‘Polaroid’ From November Release
>>>> 31 October 2017 7:04 PM, PDT | Variety - Film News | See recent
>>>> Variety - Film News news »
>>>> The Weinstein Company has removed horror-thriller movie “Polaroid”
>>>> from its Nov. 22 release date with no explanation.
>>> Explanations other than someone pointing out to them that Halloween is
>>> in October...and that Thanksgiving weekend horrors usually involve
>>> relatives and turkey?
>>>> Harvey Weinstein Contests Termination From The Weinstein Co. in
>>>> Arbitration
>>>> 5 hours ago | The Hollywood Reporter - Movie News | See recent The
>>>> Hollywood Reporter - Movie News news »
>>>> Harvey Weinstein has served a demand for arbitration on The Weinstein
>>>> Co. and is challenging his termination. The demand was quietly filed
>>>> at Jams on Oct. 25.
>>>> The revelation comes in a footnote in court papers filed Wednesday in
>>>> Delaware Chancery Court. There, Weinstein is demanding TWC hand over
>>>> personnel and employment records.
>>>> TWC has now responded to Weinstein's request for expedited treatment
>>>> by attacking his lawsuit as "motivated by an improper, personal
>>>> purpose" and "not in the Company's best interests for Weinstein to
>>>> have immediate access to the documents sought."
>>> Um...really?  So the 'defense' doesn't have a right to access the
>>> witnesses until after the 'prosecution' is done forming the narrative
>>> for them?
>>> Arbitration seems like a good route if the company is to be spared total
>>> implosion.
>> Paz De La Huerta (BOARDWALK EMPIRE) is the latest woman to accuse Harvey
>> Weinstein of rape...twice in 2010.  NYPD may bring charges in this case:
>> einstein-raped-her-twice-1054500
>> ( added as a newsgroup.
> Okay, so the first time, she invited him up to her apartment and he
> raped her and she didn't tell anybody.
> The second time, she invited him up to her apartment and did the deed
> willingly, but is claiming she was too drunk to actually form consent.
> Yeah, that's gonna be a tough prosecution.
Much like PIV is rape, any social interaction with Harvey is rape.

Inquiring minds want to know while minds with a self-preservation 
instinct are running screaming.