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Subject: Re: Weinstein fights dismissal, Weinstein co. pulls movie
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Subject: Re: Weinstein fights dismissal, Weinstein co. pulls movie
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In article <otico0$ep0$>, Obveeus<> 

> On 11/3/2017 2:15 PM, A Friend wrote:
> > Paz is probably going to have a tough time on the stand:
> > 
> >
> > dalous-moments/11

What a horrible site

> Most of that Top10 list would help Paz De La Huerta in convincing a jury 
> that she drinks too much to give informed consent.  The bit about the 
> sauna, however, sounds like she could be accused of pulling a Weinstein 
> and sexually harassing someone that was just trying to do their job.
> > And then there's the story about the tampon, which you are free to look
> > up for yourselves.

> Last night's episode of BETTER THINGS opened with something along the 
> lines of the words 'the dog is eating your pussy blood again'.

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