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Subject: Thor: Ragnarok -- Fun movie
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Subject: Thor: Ragnarok -- Fun movie
Date: 4 Nov 2017 05:50:44 GMT
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Once again a flawless execution of the Marvel style: frequent bits of
real humor embedded in a story about characters facing superhero level

I'd say it was easy since they've done it so many times, but apparently not
as others seem unable.

I'd say the only weak performance in the bunch was Cate Blanchett, but
as she was mostly the Mcguffin that didn't really hurt the film.

I did wonder: Where were the Warriors Three & Lady Sif during
crucial events.  That's from a comic point of view though -- they haven't
really figured too much in the movies.  Also I mostly read DC now, so
I don't know the current state of play in the Marvel comic universe, but
there was a pretty major event at the end of this installment that reminds
me a bit of the Adams Star Trek reboot.

Watch for the snake story.

Thumbs up!
What's not in Columbia anymore..