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Subject: Re: Thor: Ragnarok -- Fun movie
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From: Arthur Lipscomb <>
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Subject: Re: Thor: Ragnarok -- Fun movie
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On 11/3/2017 10:50 PM, Ted Nolan <tednolan> wrote:
> Once again a flawless execution of the Marvel style: frequent bits of
> real humor embedded in a story about characters facing superhero level
> problems.
> I'd say it was easy since they've done it so many times, but apparently not
> as others seem unable.
> I'd say the only weak performance in the bunch was Cate Blanchett, but
> as she was mostly the Mcguffin that didn't really hurt the film.
> I did wonder: Where were the Warriors Three & Lady Sif during
> crucial events.  

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That's from a comic point of view though -- they haven't
> really figured too much in the movies.  Also I mostly read DC now, so
> I don't know the current state of play in the Marvel comic universe, but
> there was a pretty major event at the end of this installment that reminds
> me a bit of the Adams Star Trek reboot.
> Watch for the snake story.
> Thumbs up!