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Subject: THE QUIET ONES (no spoilers)
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From: moviePig <pwallace@moviepig.com>
Subject: THE QUIET ONES (no spoilers)
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In 1974, it would appear that an experiment was begun at Oxford 
University.  Its objective was to prove that supernatural events 
surrounding a young mental patient were, in fact, "merely" paranormal 
ones.  As a horror-movie premise, this already concedes the usual battle 
between the real and the unreal ...nominally qualifying the movie more 
as fantasy than as horror.  Still, THE QUIET ONES is indeed horror, 
which you'll know because you've seen it all before.  Though the story 
seems based on enough research that the filmmakers, including the 
estimable Jared Harris, take it all quite seriously, the horror-fan may 
well wish for more style and less substance.  Minimally recommended.


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