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Subject: Re: One of the best Westerns you may have missed
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Subject: Re: One of the best Westerns you may have missed
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On 11/5/2017 10:30 PM, Irish Ranger wrote:
> I like Westerns - always have.  Unfortunately many of them are pretty
> terrible.  When you do a search for the five or ten greatest Westerns of all time
> you always see "The Searchers", "Unforgiven", some old Spaghetti Westerns, etc.
> But one of my favorites, which is often omitted from the lists,  is a 2008 film called
>   "Appaloosa" with Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen.  IMHO, it has some of the most realistic
>   Western shoot-out scenes. Now I'm not calling it the best Western ever, but it definitely
> deserves to be in any top  five or ten list.
> Just one man's opinion.

A Robt. B. Parker novel -- and it's too bad they never did the sequels.


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