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Subject: Lucas & Spielberg Originally Wanted to Make Indiana Jones aChild Rapist
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Subject: Lucas & Spielberg Originally Wanted to Make Indiana Jones a
Child Rapist
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Recently, a transcript has surfaced of the story conference between George
Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Lawrence Kasdan, in which they hammer out the
ideas for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. At 126 pages, there's much to digest,
but some may find this bit of dialog a bit hard to swallow, as the trio
discusses Marion, Indy's love interest. (G is Lucas, S, Spielberg and L,

G — I was thinking that this old guy could have been his mentor. He could
have known this little girl when she was just a kid. Had an affair with her
when she was eleven.

L — And he was forty-two.

G — He hasn't seen her in twelve years. Now she's twenty-two. It's a real
strange relationship.

S — She had better be older than twenty-two.

G — He's thirty-five, and he knew her ten years ago when he was twenty-five
and she was only twelve. It would be amusing to make her slightly young at
the time.

S — And promiscuous. She came onto him.

G — Fifteen is right on the edge. I know it's an outrageous idea, but it is
interesting. Once she's sixteen or seventeen, it's not interesting anymore.
But if she was fifteen and he was twenty-five and they actually had an
affair the last time they met. And she was madly in love with him and he--

S — She has pictures of him.

One thing that springs to mind is that this is a bit like the relationship
between Carol (14-year-old Mackenzie Phillips) and John Milner (Paul Le
Mat) who goes on a drag race against Bob Falfa (Harrison Ford) in Lucas's
AMERICAN GRAFFITI, so this idea must have had some appeal to Lucas.

The other is... blecccch.