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Subject: Re: Lucas & Spielberg Originally Wanted to Make IndianaJones a Child Rapist
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Subject: Re: Lucas & Spielberg Originally Wanted to Make Indiana
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Obveeus<> wrote:
> Earlier today I read about the first woman getting caught up in this 
> 'sexual harassment of underage kids' Hollywood outing festival.  Never 
> mind that all she did was make a joke on the internet...a joke we've 
> heard many, many times before including on this newsgroup:

Patton Oswalt made a series of jokes about that same kid during the
STRANGER THINGS Comic Con panel, at which he was the moderator. Basically,
a riff on how the kid has the perfect 80s porn name-- Finn Wolfhard.

He's now doing the ritual mea culpa:

"I thought I️ was being funny, but was actually a graceless asshole. I've
since apologized and, I hope, learned."