From: Adam H. Kerman <>
Subject: Re: Disney vs. LA Times
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Subject: Re: Disney vs. LA Times
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Obveeus<> wrote:


>To sum it up:

>The Los Angeles Times wrote a story about Anaheim not benefiting from 
>the tax credits given to Disney's Park system.

>Disney has retaliated by denying Los Angeles Times reporters access to 
>advance screenings of Disney films like THOR RAGNAROK.

>In counter-retaliation, the National Society of Film Critics, the Los 
>Angeles Film Critics Association, The New York Film Critics Circle, and 
>the Boston Society of Film Critics have banned all Disney films from 
>their award eligibility.

>The writer of this article claims that banning a Los Angeles film critic 
>from advanced screenings of the film is a violation of the First 
>Amendment.  You'd think that journalists would have at least some 
>understanding of what the First Amendment is about...and as a hint, it 
>isn't about a journalist's 'right' to see movies before the rest of the 
>public can see them.

obveeus misrepresented what the writer wrote; you can read it for
yourself. Michael Phillips is Trib's film critic and was co-host of At The
Movies from 2006-2010, produced by Disney. There was no "First Amendment"
comment, but two mentions of "free press" in the statement issued by the
national critics' association. Perhaps obveeus might learn to distinguish
"free press", a concept, from "First Amendment", which protects the civil
right of freedom to publish from Congress but not from Disney.

Phillips pointed out that Disney didn't interfere with reviews offered
on the tv show.

In any event, Disney has backed down. LA Times will no longer be
barred from film screenings.