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On 11/7/17 9:48 PM, william ahearn wrote:
> Hey,
> A US Fish and Wildlife Service tracker finds the body of a frozen young woman in a forest in the
Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. A newbie female FBI agent – yes, it's by the same writer
as Sicario – becomes involved in the investigation trying to identify the victim when another body
– that of a young male – is discovered. And so begins a re-envisioned whodunit that covers some
familiar territory – Tony Hillerman based a career on it – and still manages to carve its own
> This story could easily fall into the usual traps of the mystery genre or slip into conspiracy
theory. Instead, it holds close to a true-life crime story and that's what makes it work so well.
Solid and credible material.
> Written and directed by Taylor Sheridan. Cinematography by Ben Richardson. Music by Nick Cave and
Warren Ellis. Starring Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Gil Birmingham, Jon Bernthal, and Graham
Greene, among others.

Good review.  Doesn't really cover the overall morbidness of the story 
and the statement it makes on life in America for Native Americans, but 
hey, nobody understood the theme of "Hell or High Water" either.