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Subject: Re: Disney vs. LA Times
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Subject: Re: Disney vs. LA Times
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On 11/8/2017 10:24 AM, moviePig wrote:
> On 11/7/2017 9:19 AM, Obveeus wrote:
>> To sum it up:
>> The Los Angeles Times wrote a story about Anaheim not benefiting from 
>> the tax credits given to Disney's Park system.
>> Disney has retaliated by denying Los Angeles Times reporters access to 
>> advance screenings of Disney films like THOR RAGNAROK.
>> In counter-retaliation, the National Society of Film Critics, the Los 
>> Angeles Film Critics Association, The New York Film Critics Circle, 
>> and the Boston Society of Film Critics have banned all Disney films 
>> from their award eligibility.
>> The writer of this article claims that banning a Los Angeles film 
>> critic from advanced screenings of the film is a violation of the 
>> First Amendment.  You'd think that journalists would have at least 
>> some understanding of what the First Amendment is about...and as a 
>> hint, it isn't about a journalist's 'right' to see movies before the 
>> rest of the public can see them.
> Well, it does sound like a violation of the *spirit* of the First 
> Amendment.

No it doesn't.  The First Amendment has to do with government control, 
not private control.  If someone wants to come over to your house and 
watch the movie airing on your TV, you are under no obligation to accept 
them in.

>  Generally, press-events ought not hand-pick the press.

I'm more offended when films getting lousy reviews still find hand 
picked promotable quotes.

Review:  This movie has a stellar level of suckiness!  Not recommended.
   -- Movie Piglet

Movie Promo:  Movie Piglet says this movie is 'Stellar'.