Subject: Re: Disney vs. LA Times
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Subject: Re: Disney vs. LA Times
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In message<> BTR1701<address_is@invalid.invalid> wrote:
> moviePig<> wrote:

>> On 11/8/2017 10:42 AM, william ahearn wrote:

>>> On Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 10:24:39 AM UTC-5, moviePig wrote:
>>>> Well, it does sound like a violation of the *spirit* of the First
>>>> Amendment.  Generally, press-events ought not hand-pick the press.
>>> Not even close. The press has no "right" to attend an activity sponsored by a corporation.
>> Not if it's a wedding or a vacation holiday. But the impending release 
>> of big movies are by definition a matter of public interest, and timely 
>> reporting on them is the livelihood of a press segment.

> The movie industry has no duty to provide reporters a livelihood.

If you think that it's OK for a multi-billion dollar company to try to
pervert the news by punishing the press they don't like then you are
very much mistaken.

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