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Subject: Re: ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD reshoots
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Subject: Re: ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD reshoots
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On 11/9/2017 8:56 AM, anim8rfsk wrote:
> In article <ou1m87$a57$>, Obveeus<>
> wrote:
>> On 11/9/2017 12:54 AM, Ted Nolan <tednolan> wrote:
>>> In article<>,
>>> anim8rfsk<> wrote:
>>>> In article <ou0o85$pgm$>, Obveeus<>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Director Ridley Scott is bringing in Christopher Plumber to reshoot all
>>>>> of Kevin Spacey's scenes in the film - thus replacing him completely:
>>>>> -all
>>>>> -money-world-following-assault-allegations/846901001/
>>>> Let's start a petition to get them to never show SUPERGAYMAN RETURNS at
>>>> all ever again.
>>> Why stop at unreleased films?  Why not edit Errol Flynn out of "Robin Hood"
>>> and Bing Crosby out of "Going My Way"?
>> I agree.  I understand that Ridley Scott is in a tough position, afraid
>> that his film will never see the light of day or will be unfairly
>> blocked from awards consideration, but the overly 'PC'-ness of this
>> re-shooting is a horrible precedent.
> And, again, this is all a reaction to unproven accusations?

I think a large part of it is a reaction to the false claims of 

Meanwhile, here is a list of the 14 claims against Spacey:

The original claim claim from Anthony Rapp...a claim that 30 years ago a 
drunk Spacey climbed on top of Anthony while Anthony waited in his 
bedroom after a party.  No claim of anything happening was given, just 
that Rapp squirmed away and left.  Most of the claims are from people 
that say Spacey was grabby (often in dating 
situations/environments)...though in nearly every case they also point 
out that the didn't complain or tell his to stop...and that if/when they 
did tell him to stop he did.  Some of the claims are silly/stupid stuff 
such as 'Spacey had a friend of his ask me if I wanted to have sex with 
him' and 'Spacey gave me and my friend alcohol and let us watch porn at 
his house when we were under age)'.  The most egregious claims come from

1.  30+ year old Tony Montana who says that a drunken Spacey grabbed his 
crotch in a bar.

2. A production assistant on HOUSE OF CARS who Spacey grabbed in the 
crotch while they were driving to the set.  This is the one work related 
accusation that seems fireable...though it also sounds like the 
production assistant complained and Spacey was reprimanded and forced to 
take HR 'classes' of some sort.

3. An 'anonymous New York artist' who say that he and Spacey met in a 
park several times and hooked up and declared their love for each other 
(this person was 14 at the time and Spacey was 24).  After a few hook up 
dates, they didn't see each other for a year and when they hooked up 
once again Spacey tried to have anal sex with the guy and he said no and 
so Spacey never saw him again and so he considers Spacey to be a 
pedophile rapist despite the fact that he wasn't a pre-pubescent kid and 
wasn't raped and he was obviously going to the park to hook up with 
Spacey (or whatever other gay men were there for hookups) and was trying 
to have a relationship with Spacey at the time.