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Subject: Re: ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD reshoots
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Subject: Re: ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD reshoots
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> On 11/9/2017 8:56 AM, anim8rfsk wrote:
> > In article <ou1m87$a57$>, Obveeus<>
> > wrote:
> > 
> >> On 11/9/2017 12:54 AM, Ted Nolan <tednolan> wrote:
> >>> In article<>,
> >>> anim8rfsk<> wrote:
> >>>> In article <ou0o85$pgm$>, Obveeus<>
> >>>> wrote:
> >>>>
> >>>>> Director Ridley Scott is bringing in Christopher Plumber to reshoot all
> >>>>> of Kevin Spacey's scenes in the film - thus replacing him completely:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>> ut
> >>>>> -all
> >>>>> -money-world-following-assault-allegations/846901001/
> >>>>
> >>>> Let's start a petition to get them to never show SUPERGAYMAN RETURNS at
> >>>> all ever again.
> >>>>
> >>>
> >>> Why stop at unreleased films?  Why not edit Errol Flynn out of "Robin 
> >>> Hood"
> >>> and Bing Crosby out of "Going My Way"?
> >>
> >> I agree.  I understand that Ridley Scott is in a tough position, afraid
> >> that his film will never see the light of day or will be unfairly
> >> blocked from awards consideration, but the overly 'PC'-ness of this
> >> re-shooting is a horrible precedent.
> > 
> > And, again, this is all a reaction to unproven accusations?
> I think a large part of it is a reaction to the false claims of 
> 'pedophilia'.
> Meanwhile, here is a list of the 14 claims against Spacey:
> ist-13-accusers/835739001/
> The original claim claim from Anthony Rapp...a claim that 30 years ago a 
> drunk Spacey climbed on top of Anthony while Anthony waited in his 
> bedroom after a party.  No claim of anything happening was given, just 
> that Rapp squirmed away and left.  Most of the claims are from people 
> that say Spacey was grabby (often in dating 
> situations/environments)...though in nearly every case they also point 
> out that the didn't complain or tell his to stop...and that if/when they 
> did tell him to stop he did.  Some of the claims are silly/stupid stuff 
> such as 'Spacey had a friend of his ask me if I wanted to have sex with 
> him' and 'Spacey gave me and my friend alcohol and let us watch porn at 
> his house when we were under age)'.  The most egregious claims come from
> 1.  30+ year old Tony Montana who says that a drunken Spacey grabbed his 
> crotch in a bar.
> 2. A production assistant on HOUSE OF CARS who Spacey grabbed in the 
> crotch while they were driving to the set.  This is the one work related 
> accusation that seems fireable...though it also sounds like the 
> production assistant complained and Spacey was reprimanded and forced to 
> take HR 'classes' of some sort.
> 3. An 'anonymous New York artist' who say that he and Spacey met in a 
> park several times and hooked up and declared their love for each other 
> (this person was 14 at the time and Spacey was 24).  After a few hook up 
> dates, they didn't see each other for a year and when they hooked up 
> once again Spacey tried to have anal sex with the guy and he said no and 
> so Spacey never saw him again and so he considers Spacey to be a 
> pedophile rapist despite the fact that he wasn't a pre-pubescent kid and 
> wasn't raped and he was obviously going to the park to hook up with 
> Spacey (or whatever other gay men were there for hookups) and was trying 
> to have a relationship with Spacey at the time.


Of course I still think they fired the wrong guy off of Criminal Minds.

And Top Gear?  They should have strung up the 'victim' there.

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