Subject: Re: ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD reshoots
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Subject: Re: ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD reshoots
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 19:44:06 -0000 (UTC)
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In message <ou1qs0$fri$> Obveeus<> wrote:

> On 11/9/2017 9:58 AM, moviePig wrote:
>> On 11/9/2017 9:42 AM, Obveeus wrote:
>>> On 11/9/2017 9:33 AM, moviePig wrote:
>>>> On 11/9/2017 8:46 AM, Obveeus wrote:
>>>>> On 11/9/2017 12:54 AM, Ted Nolan <tednolan> wrote:
>>>>>> In article<>,
>>>>>> anim8rfsk <> wrote:
>>>>>>> In article <ou0o85$pgm$>, Obveeus 
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>> Director Ridley Scott is bringing in Christopher Plumber to 
>>>>>>>> reshoot all
>>>>>>>> of Kevin Spacey's scenes in the film - thus replacing him 
>>>>>>>> completely:
>>>>>>>> -money-world-following-assault-allegations/846901001/
>>>>>>> Let's start a petition to get them to never show SUPERGAYMAN 
>>>>>>> RETURNS at
>>>>>>> all ever again.
>>>>>> Why stop at unreleased films?  Why not edit Errol Flynn out of 
>>>>>> "Robin Hood"
>>>>>> and Bing Crosby out of "Going My Way"?
>>>>> I agree.  I understand that Ridley Scott is in a tough position, 
>>>>> afraid that his film will never see the light of day or will be 
>>>>> unfairly blocked from awards consideration, but the overly 'PC'-ness 
>>>>> of this re-shooting is a horrible precedent.
>>>> I don't think it's a tough position for Scott, at least not in the 
>>>> sense that he has any real choice in the matter.  Movies are a 
>>>> business, and a Kevin Spacey flick right now has about the same 
>>>> box-office prospects as SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER.
>>> One choice that Ridley Scott had was simply to wait a year for the 
>>> shockwave to abate.  If, at that time, Spacey has been wiped from the 
>>> Hollywood landscape then do the re-shoots with a replacement actor and 
>>> submit the film for the awards circuit when it will be less likely to 
>>> be avoided 'just because'.
>>> Another choice would be to release the film without pandering to the 
>>> awards circuit.  This sort of sounds like one of those films that is 
>>> aimed at awards rather than profit, anyway...and the award half of 
>>> that equation is just about vanity if Ridley Scott is willing to 
>>> rework his art just in the hopes of getting attention.
>> Barring new evidence from the grassy knoll, Kevin Spacey will go down in 
>> history as THE three-strike poster boy (harassment, cradle-robbing, and, 
>> yes, homosexuality).  I'll bet half of Hollywood is re-routing their 
>> daily commute so as not to drive past his house...

> Mel Gibson has recovered from his poster boy status as drunken racist.

No he hasn't.

Supposing there was justice for all, after all? For every unheeded
beggar, every harsh word, every neglected duty, every slight... every
choice... Because that was the point, wasn't it? You had to choose. You
might be right, you might be wrong, but you had to choose, knowing that
the rightness or wrongness might never be clear or even that you were
deciding between two sorts of wrong, that there was no right anywhere.
And always, always, you did it by yourself. You were the one there, on
the edge, watching and listening. Never any tears, never any apology,
never any regrets... You saved all that up in a way that could be used
when needed. --Carpe Jugulum