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Subject: Re: ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD reshoots
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Subject: Re: ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD reshoots
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On 11/9/17 12:14 AM, Obveeus wrote:
> Director Ridley Scott is bringing in Christopher Plumber to reshoot all 
> of Kevin Spacey's scenes in the film - thus replacing him completely:
The technology is fascinating.  They're talking about compositing 
Plummer into scenes, or putting his head on Spacey's body.

I remember when Robert Walker died during "My Son John" they finished 
tthe movie with outtakes from Strangers on a Train. There was a scene 
where he was in a phone booth and I could see that he'd been pasted in 

Further back, there nwas something like that with Jean Harlow: We got a 
a lot of longshots of the back of a blonde woman. And something where 
David Niven lost his voice and they brought in Richn Little to dub  his 
lines. Didn't really sound like him, IIRC.

On soap operas, they just bring in another actor and say the character 
had plastic surgery. Or they just admit it: "Them role of Sebastian will 
be played by Joe Smith."

I've been to plays where an actor walked around carrrying a script.