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Subject: Blade Runner 2049
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Finally made the time investment to see this last night as I figured
it would be the last day of its first-run release around here.  In
fact I did enjoy it and would give it a thumbs up.  There some
clever plotting there.  I thought Gosling was pretty good and Ford
was good at playing Old Ford, though there's not as much of him as
you might have guessed from the trailers.  I wish the AI girlfriend
had had more to do and had been able to get some licks in, somehow,
in the fight scene.

Now some questions that entail SPOILERS.

I think I missed some important stuff in the Las Vegas sequence.

First off, what was with the bees?  Lots of bees implies lots of flowers
(and K found a flower at the first replicant's house).  Are the rebel
replicants doing open-air farming and apiculture in Las Vegas
somehow?  How could this pass un-noticed?

When K was having the horse statue analyzed the guy told him that only
one place got that much radiation, Vegas apparently, and also apparently the
place is abandoned for human habitation.  How could Decker live there?
Is this a clue he really is a replicant?  But then how about the bees & dog?

In the final fight scene was the blind big-bad shot down by K?  If
so, I missed it, but if not it would seem they still have a big
problem that is not solved by killing the evil henchmaiden.

Finally, does the daughter really have a compromised immune system, or is
that a hide-in-plain-sight trick being played on everyone (including her?)?
If she does, it seems like the future of the replicants is not as sunny
as her miraculous status would imply.
What's not in Columbia anymore..