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Subject: Re: WIND RIVER (no spoilers)
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On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 9:21:33 AM UTC-5, moviePig wrote:

> The massive snowstorm that threatens Wyoming's already frozen WIND RIVER 
> reservation is just a head-fake (possibly owing to the story's basing on 
> "true events").  Instead, the movie follows the investigation -- mostly 
> outdoors -- of a grisly and heart-wrenching assault on a young Native 
> American woman.  Ranger/hunter Jeremy Renner leads the pursuit, 
> delivering epigrams both pithy and sententious, and there's a moralizing 
> end-title that's almost puzzling.  But, here, the story is the story, 
> and it's in expert -- if frostbitten - hands.  Solidly recommended.
Yeah, that needless end title bothered me as well. Ir could have been incorporated into the script.