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Subject: MUDBOUND (no spoilers)
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Subject: MUDBOUND (no spoilers)
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MUDBOUND: A 2017 Netflix original film.  Set in/after WWII, this film 
follows a group of farmers in Mississippi.  Carey Mulligan (AN 
EDUCATION), Jason Clark (BROTHERHOOD), Garrett Hedlund (TRON LEGACY), 
and Johnathan Banks (BREAKING BAD) star as a white family full of racism 
and education without common sense. Rob Morgan (DAREDEVIL), Jason 
Mitchell (THE CHI), and Mary J. Blige (singer) star as a black family 
just trying to get by as tenant farmers.  At various times, each of the 
characters becomes the narrator of the story so that the viewer can gain 
some insight on their perspective.  This was a slow paced, but well done 
film.  I enjoyed it even as it is an 'awards worthy' targeted effort. 
However, I'm not sure I quite understood the change from the start to 
the finish as that seemed to be more than perspective...perhaps an 
ethereal bit of hope for the viewer?

Currently 97% at Rottentomatoes (with 96 of 99 Fresh reviews).