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Subject: Re: Churchill (2017)
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Subject: Re: Churchill (2017)
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hector<> wrote:

> A movie about Winston Churchill in the few days leading up to the D-Day
> landing at Normandy.  Perhaps unusual to many is that Churchill opposed
> the operation and wanted something done to divert the Germans at the 
> same time, or not do the landing at all.  To me the story was ultimately
> about the effect on Churchill of the Gallipoli landing of 1915 that is
> the basis of ANZAC Day in Australia, April 25.  History blames him for
> that tragedy, but he insists in this movie that the fault was with those
> responsible for carrying it out.  He was haunted for the rest of his 
> life by it.  This is shown from the beginning of this movie, but the 
> Gallipoli reference is revealed later in the movie.
> A historian who writes about truth in movies wrote this screenplay, 
> Alex von Tunzelmann,

Churchill was an inspiring orator and a dreadful military strategist.