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Subject: All About Porgs: The New Star Wars Obsession
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Subject: All About Porgs: The New Star Wars Obsession
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From ComingSoon.net ...

   All About Porgs: The New Star Wars Obsession
   The obsession with Star Wars' new fluffy characters, porgs,
   exploded after one of the black-eyed "seabirds" was revealed
   flapping its wings and crying out beside Chewbacca in the
   Millennium Falcon in the official trailer. Before even
   hitting the big screen, porgs have already been immortalized
   in memes, tweets, fan art, and more.

   Porgs are from planet Ahch-To, which happens to be where the
   first Jedi temple is located. According to Entertainment
   Weekly, Rian Johnson, writer and director of Star Wars: The
   Last Jedi, says that the porgs were inspired by puffins that
   he saw while visiting the Irish island of