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Subject: Re: Churchill (2017)
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Subject: Re: Churchill (2017)
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2017 17:20:24 -0000 (UTC)
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In message <ov6fvc$e7t$> hector<> wrote:
> On 22/11/2017 5:26 AM, Neill Massello wrote:
>> hector<> wrote:
>>> Have you seen the movie?
>> No. I assume it deals with the story that Churchill kept pushing for a
>> continental invasion before the Allied forces were ready for it?

> Not at all.  He opposed the D-Day operation because it was a naval 
> landing, too much like Gallipoli, Eisenhower, Montgomery wanted it. 
> Churchill seems as if his time as relevant to the war effort is passing 
> in this story.  He bemoans how Gallipoli was handled in this.  He said 
> everyone blamed him but it wasn't just him.
> He wanted diversionary actions to make the Germans move their forces 
> elsewhere.  He tried to instigate other plans but was overruled behind 
> his back.  He was pleased when the weather stopped the invasion.
> He says he is still haunted by the Gallipoli disaster.

Had the Germans not been forced into a defense that Hitler insisted on
and the Generals were opposed to, the D-Day invasion would be known as
the greatest military disaster in world history.

The Germans knew what was coming, basically. And where, basically. They
were overruled from the top.

Even Eisenhower was expecting defeat (he'd written his resignation
speech, but not a speech for the actual outcome).