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Subject: Re: YOUR NAME (no spoilers)
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On 12/1/2017 9:53 AM, moviePig wrote:
> A high-school boy and girl, miles apart, find they've switched bodies. 
> The hand-drawn fantasy drama YOUR NAME is more than rewarding to look 
> at, as both the complexity and scope of its story are a year or two 
> above the adolescent demo typical of anime.  Fans of this stuff may well 
> be (and apparently are) thrilled.  For me, though, a couple more years 
> of age-level are needed for an entry in this genre be an unqualified 
> must-see.  Admittedly, those twain may never meet.  Mostly recommended.

What I wrote last month:
YOUR NAME.:  A 2016 animated feature from Japan.  The story starts off 
looking like it will follow one of those standard film tropes/themes 
that we have seen a dozen or more times before.  It does take a bit of a 
sci-fi (and I use that term loosely) twist and adds some depth as it 
goes.  The animation here is a bit generic feeling, but it is certainly 
well done.  The story feels abridged at times, as though they wanted to 
keep the film under 2 hours and had to cut some transitional bits for 
time.  Still, this is a good film and certainly worth watching, 
especially for those looking for family friendly fare.  The IMDB score 
stands at 8.5 and this film earned over $350million at the box office 
even though it was limited to only $5million domestically.  I have to 
attribute the US non-interest as a product of the film choosing not to 
use a bunch of famous American actors as voice cast.  Well, that and the 
tiny FUNimation studio backing.