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Subject: Re: Critic says TV superhero franchise better than big-screen version
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From: hector <>
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Subject: Re: Critic says TV superhero franchise better than big-screen version
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2017 23:54:25 +1100
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On 3/12/2017 1:45 PM, Michael OConnor wrote:
>> I've come to the realization that movies are actually better if real
>> presence of special effects takes precedence over fake cgi ones, I mean
>> like having people in suits or something.  It's true.
> The only way you could do it with the Hulk, is if you get a massively built guy like Lou Ferrigno
and make him up green and stuff, and use CGI to grow him on screen, to make him look about ten feet
tall instead of about six feet tall, and distort and enhance his features a little here and there to
make him look like the Hulk, and put him amongst the other actors at normal size, and make it look
real.  It can be done with special effects, or else they would be doing stuff like that already.
> A guy in a Hulk suit looks like a guy in a suit playing Godzilla or King Kong.  Cheesy and phony.

One major problem with CGI is when they make their animated facsimile 
physically active and the laws of physics aren't quite accurate enough, 
and it looks like a cartoon figure.  Happens a lot with Spiderman.