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Subject: Re: Critic says TV superhero franchise better than big-screen version
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Subject: Re: Critic says TV superhero franchise better than big-screen version
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> As for HULK, I actually think the Lou Ferrigno version worked better in 
> a lot of ways because he was still real instead of a cartoon character. 
> That being said, the latest rendition of HULK is a lot better than the 
> past couple of CGI reboots.

In the Hulk movie with Edward Norton, Banner had a goatee, but when he turned into the Hulk, the
Hulk didn't have one.  The second movie was clearly meant to be closer to the TV series in nature as
it was more about Banner being on the run.  It was better than the first movie, but I liked the
first movie too. 

And I remmember on these boards, the widespread belief was that the Ang Lee Hulk movie was going to
be a turd as soon as the trailer was released during the Super Bowl and everybody got their first
look as the overly cartoonish CGI Hulk.