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Subject: Re: Critic says TV superhero franchise better than big-screen version
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From: (Ted Nolan <tednolan>)
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Subject: Re: Critic says TV superhero franchise better than big-screen version
Date: 3 Dec 2017 17:57:48 GMT
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In article <p00t89$hn7$>, Obveeus<> wrote:
>On 12/3/2017 7:54 AM, hector wrote:
>> On 3/12/2017 1:45 PM, Michael OConnor wrote:
>>>> I've come to the realization that movies are actually better if real
>>>> presence of special effects takes precedence over fake cgi ones, I mean
>>>> like having people in suits or something.  It's true.
>>> The only way you could do it with the Hulk, is if you get a massively 
>>> built guy like Lou Ferrigno and make him up green and stuff, and use 
>>> CGI to grow him on screen, to make him look about ten feet tall 
>>> instead of about six feet tall, and distort and enhance his features a 
>>> little here and there to make him look like the Hulk, and put him 
>>> amongst the other actors at normal size, and make it look real.  It 
>>> can be done with special effects, or else they would be doing stuff 
>>> like that already.
>>> A guy in a Hulk suit looks like a guy in a suit playing Godzilla or 
>>> King Kong.  Cheesy and phony.
>> One major problem with CGI is when they make their animated facsimile 
>> physically active and the laws of physics aren't quite accurate enough, 
>> and it looks like a cartoon figure.  Happens a lot with Spiderman.
>Yes...and WONDER WOMAN turned into a cartoon figure about half way 
>through her movie, too.
>As for HULK, I actually think the Lou Ferrigno version worked better in 
>a lot of ways because he was still real instead of a cartoon character. 
>That being said, the latest rendition of HULK is a lot better than the 
>past couple of CGI reboots.

Surprisingly, the current Thor movie is the best Hulk showcase we've ever had.
What's not in Columbia anymore..