Subject: Re: 2017 R.A.M.C-F Movie Ratings
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Subject: Re: 2017 R.A.M.C-F Movie Ratings
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In message<> Michael OConnor<> wrote:
> I get to the theater about once a year, and this year saw War of the
> Planet of the Apes. I would rate it 8/10, a fitting finish to the
> POTA reboot trilogy.

Yeah, I think I gave it a 7/10, though I think Andy Serkis's performance
was top-notch, which might have made it an 8/10.

> I hope Andy Serkis will eventually get some sort of special
> recognition from the Oscars for lifetime achievement for his work with
> CGI performance capture acting, as his performance as Caesar was
> outstanding but is ineligible for Oscar consideration.

I doubt the MPAA cares at all about CGI/Motion capture and I would not
expect them to ever change. But then again I don't know why anyone pays
the slightest attention to the clusterfuck that is the Academy Awards at
all. I stopped caring when they gave the steaming pile of crap that was
_Gandhi_ Best Picture.

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