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Subject: Re: THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING (no spoilers)
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Subject: Re: THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING (no spoilers)
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On 12/5/2017 1:37 PM, william ahearn wrote:
> On Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 1:28:05 PM UTC-5, moviePig wrote:
>> Trying to re-balance his own life, Paul Rudd takes a job as the
>> professional caregiver to an 18-year-old wiseacre paraplegic.  THE
>> FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING is more snappy than sappy, staying mercifully dry
>> through the maudlin swamps this kind of comedy invariably must
>> negotiate.  However, its story is also a rather slight one -- making the
>> flick, though quite agreeable, not compulsory.  Mostly recommended.

....when a movie not fucking up makes it a standout.  Rudd's persona is 
usually a quiet one anyway, and here he almost vanishes even when he's 
onscreen.  Deliberate and generous, I think.  (I thought he'd even taken 
second billing, but no, he merely shared the top.)


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