From: alvey <alvey@is.invalid>
Subject: Re: ATOMIC BLONDE (no spoilers)
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From: alvey <alvey@is.invalid>
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Subject: Re: ATOMIC BLONDE (no spoilers)
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2017 06:35:35 +1000
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On Wed, 20 Dec 2017 12:36:52 -0500, moviePig wrote:

> ATOMIC BLONDE is based on a graphic novel, 'The Coldest City' -- to me a 
> much more appealing title.  I haven't read that book, but I suspect its 
> rename means to promote the larger-than-fiction, world-altering presence 
> of star and co-producer Charlize Theron.  As a male possessed of two 
> eyes, I do like Ms. Theron, even enough to bear her slightly smug 
> winsomeness.  But this action-packed spy thriller never deviates from 
> its mission of showcasing her screenly virtues (...including a bunch of 
> abjectly self-conscious peek-a-boob shots).  To be sure, there's a 
> stellar supporting cast, as well as tracking-shots to defy the senses -- 
> but they never feel like more than accessories.  For production value, 
> and for the (as I said) likeable Charlize, AB is modestly recommended.

You are too kind sir.

Being bought up on the substance of Deighton, le Carre & co. I lost
interest when it was decided that the best way to go undercover in dreary
East Berlin was to send in a glammed up femme fatale wearing a
peroxide-white wig. Not even the woman on woman action with the delectable
Charlz & the doomed Frogette was enough to save this comic book.