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From: Alan Smithee <>
Subject: Re: The FLASH Gets His Own LEGO Movie
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From: Alan Smithee <>
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Subject: Re: The FLASH Gets His Own LEGO Movie
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2017 23:21:02 -0400
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On 12/22/2017 10:04 PM, Your Name wrote:
> On 2017-12-23 01:02:05 +0000, Alan Smithee said:
>> "The Flash" Takes On "The Reverse Flash" In New LEGO Movie
>> The Flash's world spins out of control when his arch-nemesis
>> Reverse-Flash puts the Scarlet Speedster into a vicious time loop in
>> LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash, the latest animated film fromWarner
>> Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and The LEGO Group.
>> Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will distribute the full-length movie
>> on Blu-ray Combo Pack ($24.98 SRP) and DVD ($19.98 SRP) on March 13,
>> 2018, and Digital on February 13, 2018. Order due date is February 6,
>> 2018.
>> (the above prices are rather pointless since many people will "share"
>> the movie)
>> :-D

> The various Lego movies and games were a nice idea at the beginning,
> but, like the Lego sets themselves, there's simply far too many and it's
> becoming boring and more like a lazy cash-in exercise.

total rubbish! hollywood is all about new ideas. just look at some 
recent movies
like avengers #3, x-men #5, spider-man #6, or star wars #279.