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Subject: DOWNSIZING (no spoilers)
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Subject: DOWNSIZING (no spoilers)
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DOWNSIZING:  The 2017 film about people shrinking themselves in order to 
create a smaller footprint.  Warning to those thinking about going: 
this is not sci-fi, so don't go thinking that this is FANTASTIC VOYAGE. 
Warning to those thinking about going:  this is not an action and not 
particularly a comedy, so don't go expecting HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS. 
Mostly, this is a slice of life sort of tale for a guy in a bit of a 
midlife crisis.  There is some social and environmental commentary here, 
but not so much that it does more than raise a few questions for people 
to think about.  This isn't a great film, though it isn't bad, either. 
it is more intellectual than I was expecting...and all the better for it 
(even if that does limit its broader appeal).  The most striking thing I 
came away with after seeing it was the opinion that Hong Chau pretty 
much stole the film.  Without her raising the bar for the funny and for 
the touching and for the poignant, this film wouldn't have hit the 
target at all.