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Subject: Ukraine is not a Brothel - weird movie
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Subject: Ukraine is not a Brothel - weird movie
From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
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Movie:  It's about a group of young, hot women in the Ukraine who started a feminist group called,
"Femen," whose members go around half-naked to protest the objectification of women in various


Review:  Good enough documentary, outwardly seems like the women's goals are laudable, but there is
some really unsettling realities about the furthest goals they have, almost like a feminist Nazi or
ISIS state.

My opinion:  A woman and her sister as smart and good-looking as they are could be doing a lot more
with their lives than this.  Nothing will come of a movement when their tactics are so polarizing,
it defeats the purpose.

Irony:  A woman as hot as the sister, Sasha, (she looks like a young, better-looking Renée
Zellweger) could be earning (no lie) $3000-$5000 a night working as a Ukrainian escort in the U.S. 
She'd be a millionaire in 2 years.