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From: Obveeus <Obveeus@aol.com>
Subject: JUMANJI WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (no spoilers)
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From: Obveeus <Obveeus@aol.com>
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Subject: JUMANJI WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (no spoilers)
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2017 09:06:17 -0500
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JUMANJI WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE:  The 2017 entry to the series.  This one 
stars Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, and Kevin Heart.  The 
premise here is the same seems like it was stolen from a horror movie 
premise of the past films, but as always it has been converted into an 
action comedy.  What results is predictable and corny and generally 
entertaining.  The film's action seems more logical and integrated than 
does the action in the most recent STAR WAR film and the JUMANJI effort 
also seems a tiny bit less childish.  Good film...and I even got some 
key chains for attending the theater viewing.