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Subject: Re: Ukraine is not a Brothel - weird movie
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Subject: Re: Ukraine is not a Brothel - weird movie
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On 12/26/2017 3:48 AM, RichA wrote:
> Movie:  It's about a group of young, hot women in the Ukraine who started a feminist group called,
"Femen," whose members go around half-naked to protest the objectification of women in various
> Review:  Good enough documentary, outwardly seems like the women's goals are laudable, but there
is some really unsettling realities about the furthest goals they have, almost like a feminist Nazi
or ISIS state.
> My opinion:  A woman and her sister as smart and good-looking as they are could be doing a lot
more with their lives than this.  Nothing will come of a movement when their tactics are so
polarizing, it defeats the purpose.
> Irony:  A woman as hot as the sister, Sasha, (she looks like a young, better-looking Renée
Zellweger) could be earning (no lie) $3000-$5000 a night working as a Ukrainian escort in the U.S. 
She'd be a millionaire in 2 years.

It's interesting. I think what you're saying is that if you were female 
and as attractive as you believe these women are you'd take up high 
pricetag dicksucking. At least you've said that dicksucking for a living 
is nice work if you can get it. No lie.

Given, that it's not merely futile to scold, because you have no 
conception of shame, this is all I'll say.