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Subject: Re: THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD (no spoilers)
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Subject: Re: THE HITMANS BODYGUARD (no spoilers)
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moviePig wrote:
> THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD is a "surefire" serio-comic action-fest starring
> Ryan Reynolds as a bodyguard par excellence assigned to protect noted
> killer Samuel L. Jackson from the even worse despot Gary Oldman.  Shades
> of MIDNIGHT RUN, right?  Alas, that proven premise is frittered away on
> two hours of pedestrian Reynolds/Jackson-shtick and enough car stunts to
> suggest a budget too big to be risked on, say, a little creative
> writing.  Minimally recommended.
> --
> - - - - - - - -
>    YOUR taste at work...

you finally downloaded it. did you get a vpn?