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Subject: Re: THE OBJECTIVE (no spoilers)
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Subject: Re: THE OBJECTIVE (no spoilers)
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On 12/28/2017 8:13 AM, moviePig wrote:
> On 12/28/2017 7:09 AM, trotsky wrote:
>> On 12/27/17 4:25 PM, moviePig wrote:
>>> A military agent is sent to a remote area of the Afghan desert to 
>>> investigate a strange yet ominous report from an old ally.  Directed 
>>> and co-written by BLAIR WITCH alum Daniel Myrick, THE OBJECTIVE is a 
>>> pretty solid, atmospheric little horror thriller.  At 90 minutes it 
>>> welcomely recalls, and adds to, some of tBWP's more creative juices. 
>>> Recommended.
>> How little is it?
>   Like we keep telling you, size doesn't matter...

I just don't know what that word is supposed to mean pertaining to 
movie.  Actually, I do know: it's a habit in the American vernacular to 
throw in wasted words in an effort to sound cogent.  This is both 
fascinating and irritating at the same time.

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