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On Wednesday, 20 December 2017 12:36:58 UTC-5, moviePig  wrote:
> ATOMIC BLONDE is based on a graphic novel, 'The Coldest City' -- to me a 
> much more appealing title.  I haven't read that book, but I suspect its 
> rename means to promote the larger-than-fiction, world-altering presence 
> of star and co-producer Charlize Theron.  As a male possessed of two 
> eyes, I do like Ms. Theron, even enough to bear her slightly smug 
> winsomeness.  But this action-packed spy thriller never deviates from 
> its mission of showcasing her screenly virtues (...including a bunch of 
> abjectly self-conscious peek-a-boob shots).  To be sure, there's a 
> stellar supporting cast, as well as tracking-shots to defy the senses -- 
> but they never feel like more than accessories.  For production value, 
> and for the (as I said) likeable Charlize, AB is modestly recommended.

No Way Out redux.  Old Costner movie.

-Why would a Russian spy kill someone with a Russian pistol? A statement?
-Theron doesn't have a Cambridge-educated accent.
-Everyone waits their turn to be beaten up.
-They BEAT us over the head with the Euro 80's pop soundtrack.
-Non-silenced guns, in a locked car sound silenced.
-No one can hang on to a seatbelt if a car, traveling at speed hits a concrete retainer.
-To their credit they didn't put a piece of black tape over the Nikon camera's name.
 -To their credit, the punishment for high-treason was death until 1989.
-Chain-smoking gets tedious.  Plus, can't do much fighting with no lung power.
-The savvy agent was supposed to be so smart, yet he was ranting about “balance” (of power) as
if that even mattered at that point.  The only reason he'd be helping the commies was if he WAS a
-The fighting scenes were better than the trailer, only because they were R-rated.
-Seeing the crappy little Eurocars destroyed made a nice change from expensive muscle cars.
-Green agent girl was stupid to be wearing headphones.  Clouds the hearing.  Might as well wear dark
sunglasses indoors.  Funny she couldn't poke his eyes when he was strangling her.  Self-defense 101,
go for the eyes, if you've lost control of the weapon.
-People absorb knife wounds well in movies.  Torso hits never seem to hit sensitive organs.