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Subject: Re: Star Wars bombing runs in space
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Subject: Re: Star Wars bombing runs in space
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Your Name<> wrote:
> I can't find it now, but someone recently complained about the new Star 
> Wars movie using bombers in space where there is "no gravity" (despite 
> bombers also being in 'The Empire Strikes back').
> According to 'The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary' book:
>    "Resistance Bombers
>     Bombs don't technically "drop" in microgravity,
>     but are impelled from their racks by sequenced
>     electromagnetic plates in the clip. The bombs
>     are then drawn magnetically to their unfortunate
>     targets."

As opposed to being drawn magnetically to the sides of their own ship?

(And this bombs clearly dropped, not pulled magnetically. You can tell by
the way they fell. There was no sequencing about it, either. She pushed the
button and they all dropped at once.)