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From: Neill Massello <>
Subject: Re: Star Wars bombing runs in space
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From: (Neill Massello)
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Subject: Re: Star Wars bombing runs in space
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2017 12:25:29 -0700
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Your Name<> wrote:

> I can't find it now, but someone recently complained about the new Star
> Wars movie using bombers in space where there is "no gravity" (despite
> bombers also being in 'The Empire Strikes back').
> According to 'The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary' book:
>     "Resistance Bombers
>      Bombs don't technically "drop" in microgravity,
>      but are impelled from their racks by sequenced
>      electromagnetic plates in the clip. The bombs
>      are then drawn magnetically to their unfortunate
>      targets."

One of the kinds of magic used in the Star Wars universe is called
"magnetism" and has nothing to do with the physics of our universe.