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Subject: Re: 'It's ruining viewing habits': Jodie Foster slams superheromovies as cinematic equivalent of fracking
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Subject: Re: Its ruining viewing habits: Jodie Foster slams superhero
movies as cinematic equivalent of fracking
From: Michael OConnor <>
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I read her article, and she doesn't realize that the money the studios make from those Superhero
movies allow them to finance her movies that only her friends watch that get all the award
nominations and nobody remembers two years later.

In addition, she co-starred in one of those big-budget cartoonish violent sci-fi pictures a few
years back, the disappointing "Elysium", which was a microcosm for the greedy one percent.  I
watched it and thought to myself if there were actually such a thing as Elysium that Jodie Foster
and Matt Damon would move there in a heartbeat, along with all their Hollywood friends who are also
part of the top one percent.