From: Ninapenda Jibini <>
Subject: Re: Star Wars bombing runs in space
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Subject: Re: Star Wars bombing runs in space
From: Ninapenda Jibini <>
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J. Clarke<> wrote in 

> On Mon, 1 Jan 2018 10:55:51 +1300, Your Name
><> wrote:
>>On 2017-12-31 21:47:39 +0000, Ninapenda Jibini said:
>>> Your Name<> wrote in
>>> news:p2bk00$1ecs$
>>>> There's no great mystery or magic to it.
>>> Er, actually, as someone pointed out, it *is* magic, in that
>>> magnetism doesn't work that way.
>>> But then, Star Wars is fantasy from the word go, so it should
>>> hardly surprise anyone that they use fantasy elements in it.
>>Tell that to the people who have built and those who ride in
>>maglev trains. Tell that to teh Earth military and industries
>>who have been using teh same thing for decades.
>>Believe what braindead crap you want. I'm done with this silly
>>topic.    :-\ 
> OK, please tell us the designation of any weapon in any current
> or past real-world military inventory that when dropped from an
> aircraft is drawn to an object below it by magnetism.
> And please explain what you believe maglev trains have to do
> with anything.  Nobody is asserting that magetism doesn't exist,
> just that it does not work the way the movie depicts it.
> However, anybody expecting anything resembling real-world
> physics from Star Wars has come to the wrong shop.
Or pretty much any other movie, really. But Star Wars doesn't even 
*pretend* to be realistic. Only the infantile fanbois are too 
fucking stupid to get that.

Terry Austin

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