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Subject: Re: Star Wars bombing runs in space
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Subject: Re: Star Wars bombing runs in space
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On 2018-01-01 00:54:54 +0000, BTR1701 said:

> Your Name<> wrote:
>> On 2017-12-31 16:54:39 +0000, BTR1701 said:
>>> Your Name<> wrote:
>>>> I can't find it now, but someone recently complained about the new Star
>>>> Wars movie using bombers in space where there is "no gravity" (despite
>>>> bombers also being in 'The Empire Strikes back').
>>>> According to 'The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary' book:
>>>> "Resistance Bombers
>>>> Bombs don't technically "drop" in microgravity,
>>>> but are impelled from their racks by sequenced
>>>> electromagnetic plates in the clip. The bombs
>>>> are then drawn magnetically to their unfortunate
>>>> targets."
>>> As opposed to being drawn magnetically to the sides of their own ship?
>> It's not difficult to have the bombs turn on the magnetic attraction
>> *after* they've have been launched and far enough away from the
>> Rebel... err, "Resistance" bombers. Or turn on even later when they
>> detect a target to attach to.
>>> (And this bombs clearly dropped, not pulled magnetically. You can tell by
>>> the way they fell.
>> There's no way to tell the difference from a movie clip, unless the
>> movie maker decides to have pulsating lights to indicate the magnets
>> along the track turning on and off.
>>> There was no sequencing about it, either. She pushed the
>>> button and they all dropped at once.)
>> The bombadier no doubt has the ability to choose how many to drop
>> depending on the target and the mission.
>> Geez, so much nit-picking over a pointlessly minor topic.
> You brought it up. I'm just responding to the issue you raised.

No I didn't. I was simply giving the answer from the book to someone 
else's complaint in a different topic that I couldn't re-find.