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Subject: Re: Cartoon: Mark Hamill on 'The Last Jedi'
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Subject: Re: Cartoon: Mark Hamill on The Last Jedi
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On 1 Jan 2018 07:27:34 GMT, (Ted Nolan <tednolan>)

>In article<>,
>J. Clarke<> wrote:
>>On 1 Jan 2018 05:52:13 GMT, (Ted Nolan <tednolan>)
>>>In article<>,
>>>J. Clarke<> wrote:
>>>>On Mon, 1 Jan 2018 12:49:27 +1300, Your Name<>
>>>>Pretty much sums it up.
>>>I disagree.  I saw it again last night and liked it better than the first
>>>time (which I also liked).  It's certainly not a perfect film, but it
>>>is a good one, and excellent in spots.
>>Which has what to do with Mark Hamill reversing his opinion on the
>>character of Luke Skywalker as portrayed in the movie?
>Pretty much any response to this cartoon is going to involve the responder's
>opinion on the movie.

You seem to have missed some recent events:
then a few days later he tweeted:
"I regret voicing my doubts & insecurities in public.Creative
differences are a common element of any project but usually remain
private. All I wanted was to make good movie. I got more than that-
@rianjohnson made an all-time GREAT one! "

This cartoon is not about "the responder's opinion", it's about Mark
Hamill's actions.