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> Most important:  Wonder Woman  -  decades late bootup for the sure to be franchise.  Good casting,
great back story.

Who'da thought Wonder Woman would upstage both Batman and Superman?

> Most disappointing:  Independence Day sequel.  Took to long to come out, and was a general mess.

Released on June 24, 2016, according to IMDB.  I caught in on cable and thought it was horrible. 
Other than the special effects, I wasn't that impressed with the original ID4, either.  I saw ID4 at
the theater when it came out and the only thing I remember about it was when we were walking out of
the darkened theater after the movie, some guy ahead of me said, "It was worth paying five bucks to
see the White House get blown up."

> Dumbest "smart" people:  Life.  They even joke about SciFi tropes and they still bring the thing

I don't disagree with this one.
> Most unneeded:  Spiderboy Homecoming.  Pathetic villain and uninteresting   secondary characters. 
Marvel should have done a teamup of the previous Spiderman with Dr. Strange.

I'm not a comic book reader but like the comic book movies, and thought Dr. Strange was really good,
and think Spidey would have ruined it.  Haven't seen the new Spiderman, I thought he was pretty good
in the Captain America movie and I like that they finally got a teenager to play the role.

> Most unimportant:  Star Wars: the whatever.  The first trilogy have never left my top five movies
ever, but now Star Wars is just a marketing platform for Disney

Haven't seen it yet, will probably see it next week.

> Best surprise:  The Red Turtle -  who needs dialog

Best sequel movie of the year - War for the Planet of the Apes - To this point, there have only been
two movie trilogies where I thought all three movies were truly outstanding - the original Star Wars
Trilogy (Episodes 4-6) and Lord of the Rings.  I think I can add the new Planet of the Apes trilogy
to the list.  The movies were all well done, great action sequences, and the story pretty much fell
in line with the original canon established in the original movies, TV series, comics and books
without going way off the rails.  Outstanding work by Andy Serkis as Caesar.