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On Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 1:03:56 PM UTC-8, T987654321 wrote:
> Most important:  Wonder Woman  -  decades late bootup for the sure to be franchise.  Good casting,
great back story.
> Most disappointing:  Independence Day sequel.  Took to long to come out, and was a general mess.
(oops, saw it in '17)
> Dumbest "smart" people:  Life.  They even joke about SciFi tropes and they still bring the thing
> Most unneeded:  Spiderboy Homecoming.  Pathetic villain and uninteresting   secondary characters. 
Marvel should have done a teamup of the previous Spiderman with Dr. Strange.
> Most unimportant:  Star Wars: the whatever.  The first trilogy have never left my top five movies
ever, but now Star Wars is just a marketing platform for Disney
> Best surprise:  The Red Turtle -  who needs dialog

Best popcorn:  Kong Skull Island.  Most everything you want in a giant monster flick with a minimum
of what you don't.  Hope it made enough money for what was teased at the very end to happen.