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Subject: Re: Apologist's Pro-Muslim film (France) release put on hold
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Subject: Re: Apologists Pro-Muslim film (France) release put on hold
From: Irish Ranger <>
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On Friday, December 29, 2017 at 12:43:33 PM UTC-5, RichA wrote:
> I think they should release it.  Just to show what Marxist film-makers think about white victims
of Muslim atrocities.

Where would Iran be without Obama's $150 Billion?

Where would the Iranian islamic terrorist government be without the $150 Billion
Obama gave them?  Would they have been able to fund world wide anti-American
terrorism?  Would they have been able to secretly buy nuclear weapons technology
from the North Koreans?  Would they have been able to crush the pro-democracy
citizens protests?  

And do not buy into any of the left wing Democrat crap about this being Iran's money.
That money was frozen because of Iran's muslim terrorists activities and their
involvement in the murder of American soldiers and citizens.  The muslim mullahs
in Iran got those $tens of billions of dollars for one reason and one reason only.
Obama gave it to them for his ego driven political ambition and America got
absolutely nothing in return.

The truth is that ISIS grew, took over territory the size of Ohio and slaughtered tens of thousands
of people all over the world because of Obama's ignorance and arrogance.  Because he refused
to listen to his generals and pulled all of our forces out of Iraq.  Because he bowed down
to muslim leaders and refused to even say the words "muslim terrorists".  And because
he totally under estimated the danger of ISIS and called them the "JV team".

Yet President Trump stepped up, put his generals in control and in his first year in office has
destroyed ISIS, drove them out of the cities they controlled and decimated their army.
They went from more than 20,000 soldiers of less than 1,000.

I thank God Obama is finally gone, Hillary is history and President Trump is in office!

Irish Mike