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Subject: Re: Clueless Clinton book adds voter ID laws to list of reasons whyshe lost
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Subject: Re: Clueless Clinton book adds voter ID laws to list of reasons why
she lost
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On 12/30/17 3:01 AM, Jack Fake wrote:
> Hillary Clinton's newly released campaign memoir adds voter ID
> laws and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to the list of
> reasons why she lost the 2016 presidential election.
> In “What Happened,” which was formally released on Tuesday,
> Clinton tells the full, 469-page “story” of what she “saw, felt
> and thought during two of the most intense years” she’s ever
> experienced.
> She kicked off the promotion Tuesday at Barnes & Noble in New
> York City’s Union Square, arriving to the event an hour late
> after some supporters waited overnight outside the store to see
> her. She eventually started signing her book -- which claims to
> “pull back the curtain” on a number of factors that contributed
> to her loss.
> While previously released passages faulted James Comey and even
> primary rival Bernie Sanders, the end of the book turns focus to
> allegedly discriminatory voter laws.
> On page 418, Clinton begins a section titled “Voter
> Suppression,” where she claims the Trump campaign “actively
> tried to discourage people from voting at all,” and adds that
> their play was “just the latest” in a “long-term” Republican
> strategy to “discourage and disenfranchise” Democratic-leaning
> voters.
> “The Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts opened the
> floodgates by gutting the Voting Rights Act in 2013. When I was
> in the Senate, we voted to reauthorize the law 98 to 0 and
> President George W. Bush signed it,” Clinton writes. “But
> Justice Roberts essentially argued that racism was a thing of
> the past, and therefore the country no longer needed key
> protections of the Voting Rights Act.”
> Clinton describes Roberts' decision as “one of the worst the
> court has ever made,” and goes on to list “fourteen states” that
> had new voter ID restrictions by the 2016 election that she
> wrote were “aimed at weeding out students, poor people, the
> elderly, and people of color.” She goes on to blame Kansas
> Secretary of State Kris Kobach, now-vice chairman of President
> Trump’s voter fraud commission, for much of the “national
> effort.”
> As part of her case, Clinton cites a debunked study on Wisconsin.
> “Since the election, studies have documented how big an impact
> all this suppression had on the outcome. States with harsh new
> voting laws, such as Wisconsin, saw turnout dip 1.7 points,
> compared with a 1.3-point increase in states where the law
> didn’t change,” Clinton writes.
> “In Wisconsin, where I lost by just 22,748 votes, a study from
> Priorities USA estimated that the new voter ID law helped reduce
> turnout by 200,000 votes, primarily from low-income and minority
> areas,” Clinton says. “... Before the election, one Republican
> state representative in Wisconsin predicted the new law would
> help Trump pull off an upset in the state. It turns out he was
> right.”
> But PolitiFact slammed that study as “Mostly False.”

I count 8 trues and 1 false.  You can fuck off now.