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Subject: Re: Clueless Clinton book adds voter ID laws to list of reasons whyshe lost
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Subject: Re: Clueless Clinton book adds voter ID laws to list of reasons why
she lost
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On Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 5:59:04 AM UTC-5, Greg Singh wrote:
> On 12/30/17 3:01 AM, Jack Fake wrote:
> > Hillary Clinton's newly released campaign memoir adds voter ID
> > laws and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to the list of
> > reasons why she lost the 2016 presidential election.

“Shattered; Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign”
By Jonathan Allen & Amie Parnes

This is an excellent book, written by two very experienced campaign insiders and should be mandatory
reading for every political science student in America.  It tells the story of just how incredibly
out of touch the Democrat party had become with the white working class voters that used to be a
loyal part of its base.  And how Hillary Clinton was one of the most flawed Presidential candidates
in American history and spent more than $1.2 billion dollars to lose a Presidential election and
devastate her party.  Several things in this book amazed me including the sheer size and scope of
the Clinton political machine. It was truly astounding!  Hillary had dozens of staffers, analysts,
publicists, writers, researchers, consultants, advisors and volunteers.  Not to mention the support
of the DNC, big labor unions, all the major TV networks (except Fox News) billionaire George Soros
and countless Hollywood stars and celebrities.  Her campaign raised and spent more than a $billion

In some cases Hillary had up to 20 people writing, reviewing, editing and poll testing every page
and every word of her speeches.  In addition, they relied extensively on sophisticated voter models
and analytics.  So, with all this money and all of these smart, experienced people, how did Hillary
Clinton manage to run such a shockingly inept campaign, get totally blind-sided by Donald Trump and
lose the election?  There were three (3) main reasons:

1.	She was a terrible candidate.  “Awkward, robotic, inarticulate and unlikable.”  And she was
plagued by lies and scandals from Benghazi to the Clinton Foundation to her unsecured e-mails.  The
polls showed that the majority of American voters did not consider her to be “honest, truthful and
trustworthy”.  She also didn’t trust her own staff, which resulted in a great deal of
infighting, friction, anger and manipulation.  Many staffers were afraid to report problems or
provide constructive criticism to Hillary for fear of being fired.  Bill Clinton did offer some
solid campaign advice, but it was mostly ignored. This is one reason why the Hillary machine never
saw Bernie Sanders coming and fatally underestimated President Trump.

2.	Hillary ignored the white working class voters who used to be the heart of the Democrat party
base.  She never set foot in Wisconsin, took Michigan and Pennsylvania for granted and bragged that
“We’re gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of work.”    Hillary Clinton was
ready to be President but she just could not connect with the average American worker.  At one point
she finally admitted that, “I don’t understand what is happening in the country.  I can’t get
my arms around it.”

3.	She never communicated a clear, believable vision of why she should be elected President.  She
believed it was her turn.  She believed she was entitled to it as a female candidate.  She demonized
Trump relentlessly.  And she and her staff believed, even going into election night, that she was
guaranteed a victory and would “march to an inevitable coronation”.  Her staff was working on
multiple versions of her acceptance speech while her concession speech was in a drawer collecting

The last two chapters describing Hillary’s election night collapse, her telephone calls with Obama
and John Podesta’s lame, last minute speech to Hillary’s devastated supporters, was worth the
price of the book!  

But the bottom-line is this.  Hillary Clinton, the DNC and most Democrat politicians still refuse to
take any personal responsibility for this epic loss.  They blame the FBI, KGB and the KKK.  They
blame whites, racism, misogyny, homophobes, Islamophobes, Evangelicals and climate change deniers. 
They blame President Trump and his wife and children.  The only people they don’t blame are
Hillary Clinton and themselves.

Irish Mike

P.S. If you ever doubt the astounding level of corruption, deception and
deceit in Hillary Clinton's political campaign, read this book written by
Democrat insider Donna Brazile:"Hacks: The Inside Story of the 
Break-ins and Breakdowns That Out Donald Trump in the White House"