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Subject: Re: rumors about Sheila Jackson
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Subject: Re: rumors about Sheila Jackson
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On 12/30/17 3:32 AM, Jumpin' Jigaboos wrote with obviouis satisfaction:
> Sheila Jackson Lee has been a congresswoman for over 20 years. 
> However, she acts far more like an arrogant monarch than a humble
> servant of the people.
> The Texas Democrat has regularly abused her power and position to
> demand and receive special treatment from private companies, demean
> and harass subordinates, and reap untold benefits of being “The
> Queen.”
> “You don’t understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like
> a queen,” she allegedly once told a member of her staff.
> history-of-being-an-entitled-queen/

A Black woman from Texas?

If yourface has been pushed in the dirt all your life, you're going to 
take advantage of authority when you get it.

Wasn' it like that for you when you got to be on the Student Council?